When you think pig iron, let think about Carbon Group. We have full range of pig iron using for ductile iron foundries and gray iron foundries

Carbon Group is the exclusive agent of Sorelmetal® in Vietnam. Sorelmetal® is used by high quality ferrous foundries in the production of ductile iron castings and provides metallurgical control over the adverse tramp elements from the scrap component of the charge.

Sorelmetal®, an alloy of iron and carbon, is manufactured from ilmenite ore in an electric arc furnace smelting process by Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium at its Rio Tinto Fer et Titane Inc. plant in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada and Richards Bay Titanium (RBT), in Richards Bay, South Africa.

Sorelmetal®Features and Benefits :

  • Sorelmetal® is treated to remove the sulfur, which allows for efficient and economical magnesium treatments.
  • Practically manganese free, Sorelmetal® is used to dilute manganese in base iron in the ductile iron production process.
  • Because Sorelmetal® is low in trace elements, it is the ideal choice of a high purity iron unit for the dilution of harmful trace elements from the scrap component of the charge.
  • Sorelmetal® has a lower energy requirement for melting. Its melting temperature is a low 2095°F (1145°C) which allows for it to go into solution very rapidly increasing productivity and, simultaneously, reducing production costs.
  • Sorelmetal® is produced at ISO 9002 certified production facilities.
  • A staff of qualified foundry metallurgists is available to advise our customers on most phases of casting production and problem solving.
  • Extensive technical literature to assist our customers with their manufacturing questions and problems is readily available.
Sorelmetal® Carbon Silicon Manganese Phosphorus Sulfur    
Grade RF1 4.25% 0.15% 0.022% 0.033% 0.013%    
Grade RF10 4.25% 0.15% 0.022% 0.033% 0.006%    
Grade F1 4.25% 0.18% 0.008% 0.010% 0.013%    
Grade F10 4.21% 0.17% 0.009% 0.011% 0.012%    

For further information :
If you wish additional information on Sorelmetal®, you could visit their website www.sorelmetal.com.