We are agent of Quaker Chemical - Die Casting Business Unit

In 2011, Quaker aquired GW Smith and Son become world largest die casting lubricant from hydraulic fluid to die lubricant and plunger lubricant. The production facility located in Ohio USA, Spain, Shanghai, China

Quintolubric is famous brand fired resistant hydraulic fluid ester based and long life more than 6 year in die casting machine

Die Slick is famous brand die lube on worldwide and have a unique technology manufacturing polysiloxane which is main chemistry using in die lubriant. Quaer can provide technical service on site customer production plant with operation worldwide from USA to Europ until Asia

Plunger Slick is famous brand plunger lubricant to die caster and machiney manufacturer as Toshiba, UBE, Toyo, LK, Buhler

For futher information, please visit website: https://www.quakerchem.com/industry/die-casting/