When you think about crucible, let think about Morgan Crucible. When you think about refractory, let think about Allied Mineral Refractory

Morgan Crucible UK

Morgan is first manufacturer of crucible on the world, has history more than 150 years. Morgan Crucible has 4 production facilities in Germany, India, China, Brazil.

For futher information, please visit website: http://www.morganmms.com/

For local support, please contact Terry Luu - Country Sales Manager. Mobile: +84-904906212. Email: tien.luu@carbongroup.com.vn

Allied Mineral Product USA

Allied refractory technology developed a product line specifically for aluminum melting, holding and transfer

The aluminum industry encompasses a wide range of applications and processes. Allied understands and caters to this. Our longstanding presence in the aluminum industry began with the Matrix line of refractory products. Since then we’ve developed an extensive product catalog infused with our innovation, quality and consistency. Our frontline products for aluminum include MATRIFLO, QUICK-FIRE®, ARMORMAX® and METAL-ROK® shapes. Whether your focus is primary, secondary, foundry or die casting, we offer a solution for your refractory need.